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Disney’s 10 Most Magical Experiences
How do you narrow down a place like Walt Disney World into just a few days? A great way is to be sure to experience Disney’s most wonderful offerings first and foremost and then allowing the rest to just fall into place. Here are the best of the...
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Florida Bound
Florida bound the wife and our seven children are getting excited about travelling to Kissimmee just by Walt Disney World USA. We were in the USA in late January and the begining of February. It was our first time, but we cannot wait to ge...
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Key West, Florida by foot
There are some places that just cannot be fully experienced or appreciated from the window of your car or tour bus. Key West, Florida is one of those places. Here culture, history and architecture combine to form one of the most memorizing and...
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Bahamas Real Estate Guide to Permits, Residency and More
White sand beaches, clear blue waters, tax breaks, real estate and property; the Bahamas never looked so good. And yes, I said real estate. Bahamian real estate is hotter than ever. In 1993, the International Persons Landholding Act was put into...
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Industrial Connection Offers Manufacturing Advertorial Profiles for Florida Manufacturers
Thomas R. Cutler, Associate Editor of Industrial Connection magazine ( www.industrialconnection.net ) is the leading North American manufacturing journalist, writing for more than 200 publications per year. Cutler recently announced an important...
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... to Poinciana.Net. Established in the summer of 1997 we have taken the liberty of designating Poinciana.Net your official community web site for the Poinciana Florida Community. Within this site you will find information and shopping locations both in and around the Poinciana Community.

We say "Thank You" to all our visitors for making us the #1 place for the Poinciana area.

Thanks must also go out to our local sponsors and those of you who have given us your feedback with ideas over the past several years. You should find many of your ideas included within our remodeled site.

One of many popular requests from our local residence has been towards expanding our free classifieds to include the Kissimmee, St. Cloud and Orlando area. These areas are an easy drive and will help broaden the exposure your ads get and also give our residence a much wider selection to choose from.

Many questions have come into our office asking for "things-to-do". Not only in Poinciana, but also outside the area. You wanted ideas and suggestions from us that were within easy driving distance of Poinciana. Hence, we have added those suggestions.

The purpose of this web site is to primarily provide local information about Poinciana so that new residence and current residence can fulfill their needs within the community. This site is also used heavily by families and individuals who are looking to relocate within the Central Florida area. It is hoped that the information contained within this site will also help their decision making choice an easier one.

So, whether your visit is a short stay or a long term residence we hope our efforts have helped make your life more pleasant and enjoyable.

The Cole family.

Anyone Interested In Vanuatu, Fiji And Cook Islands?
Today Norm Goldman, Editor of sketchandtravel.com and Bookpleasures.com are pleased to have as our guest author, travel writer, award- winning comedy writer, artist and expert on Vanuatu, Fiji and Cook Islands, Ian Heydon. Ian is here to talk...
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The Devil's Triangle: My Experience
Florida is a state full of legends and mysteries, but no Florida mystery has attracted more attention over the years then The Bermuda Triangle. Do I believe? Well, my own experience makes me wonder. Florida is a state full of legends and...
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Hollander Consultants Creates Tight-Knit Teams with Florida Symposium
PORTLAND, OR: Hollander Consultants brought over three hundred and fifty people to Clearwater Beach, Florida to experience the full effects of the Hollander Consultants program. Attendees are attributing their ability to work better as a team to the...
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Top Ten Most Searched States for Vacation Home Rentals in 2004
January 1, 2005- RentJillsHouse.com, an online showroom of over 9,000 vacation home rentals across the US and a division of Trader Publishing Company announces the states that received the most searches on RentJillsHouse.com in 2004 are Florida and...
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The Best Orlando Has to Offer
So you’re headed to Orlando... but where to start? You’ll find such a wealth of fantastic resorts and restaurants it can be difficult to choose exactly what you wish to indulge in. How best can you plan a visit in which each day comes with the...
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SCREENPRINTING ENTHUSIAST/DESIGN ARTIST ENTREPRENEUR CREATES CUSTOM APPAREL IN THE WAKE OF THE HURRICANE DISASTERS IN FLORIDA. By: Annette T Thomas Kissimmee, FL-September 2004- As far as screen printing goes the market is ever changing, its...
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Florida Real Estate – The Sunshine State
Florida real estate is definitely worth a look if sun and fun is your ticket. Florida real estate, even close to the beach, is a very good deal. Florida Florida is a well-known haven for people living through winter storms in the northeast....
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The Devil's Triangle: My Experience
Florida is a state full of legends and mysteries, but no Florida mystery has attracted more attention over the years then The Bermuda Triangle. Do I believe? Well, my own experience makes me wonder. Florida is a state full of legends and...
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Must Read Tips For Shopping & Booking Your Travels Online
Booking & shopping online has proven to revolutionize the travel industry. There are many pros to utilizing online booking sites to plan your trip. Bottom line is, it saves you time and money, both important factors when planning your trip. Before...
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My History of Walt Disney World
My History of Walt Disney World I was 37 years old before ever getting to the wonderful world of Walt Disney World. It has always been a dream for me to see the largest theme park in Florida. I was 9 years old when my family went to California to...
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About Poinciana...

Poinciana is a dynamic central Florida, master-planned community just 20 miles from Walt Disney World. A variety of spacious, exciting one and two story single family homes. In a community with great golf, tennis, parks, playgrounds, schools, boating, fishing and more. To Continue choose from the choices at left.

Over the next several months we will be adding more so please stop back often. Also, if you live in the Poinciana Community (or wish you did) please email me with any of your suggestions on how we can better this site.

A stay in Poinciana will find you within a very enjoyable 15-45 minute drive to Kissimmee, Disney World, Celebration, and other popular local attractions. There are also many who work at Disney World and other local attractions, who find Poinciana a great place for their residence.

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Special Note!

Please note that this project in produced free of charge by the Cole's of Poinciana. We are in no way connected with the Avatar Corporations.

Our personal ventures started one fine, 1996, mid spring day up north USA. With the Internet as our only resource for finding information in and about Poinciana, FL. Little was found to make our relocation easy. It took several weeks of personal research and resources to gather the information needed to make our move. That is how it started!

We continue using our 37 years of marketing and 6 years of web design experience towards donating our time and efforts free of charge to our community. Continuing to spend hours gathering this information into one easy to access location.... at Poinciana.Net. If you would like to help with input please contact me via email of your ideas, etc. Also, if you have visited this site please just drop us a simple note telling us you did stop by.

... and of course, everytime you visit our sponsors please be sure to remind them you saw them on Poinciana.Net! ...Also, be sure to tell all your local merchants that they should visit and advertise on Poinciana.Net.

Email us at: Contact-us .


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Dirty Old Men Get Their Dream Girls
Call them dirty old men. Call them sugar daddys. But with Elvis Preston King on their team these guys get their dream girls! Bachelor Dream Tours Dating Service There are dating services after dating service after dating service, but there is...
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Florida Lodging
Florida Lodging Sitting in your office surrounded by stacks of papers, looking out on that dreary rain or snow drenched day and dreaming of a blue, sunlit, cloudless sky where you don’t have to layer and on top of that remember your parka? Ah! What...
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A Look at Florida Department for Incorporating
The Florida Department of State, Division of Corporation is the Florida Department for Incorporating. They are the division of the Department of State to contact for questions about incorporating in Florida. Besides providing excellent online...
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Disneyland Paris
Disneyland Paris is an entertainment resort located in Marne la Vallée about 30 kilometers from Paris. This place is one of the most visited spots of France, not only by children but by adults as well. Disneyland Paris is a complex resort, which...
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Cheap Vacations - Ten Ideas
Cheap vacations can still be relaxing, fun and whatever else you want them to be. Unlike cars and shoes, vacations don't get better according to price. Give up that expensive resort if you don't have the money, but don't give up your vacation. Try...
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